Things you need to know about MS office 2019

How it works

Most of you probably are aware that MS office 2019 is coming soon this year. MS Office 2019 is a successor of MS Office 2016. Microsoft released office 2016 in late 2015 and then they released Office 365. Difference between two versions was that 2016 have a perpetual licensed, Means you just need to pay One-Time to use the Office 2016, while Office 365 was a subcriptions service. Well, MS Office 2019 is also coming wiht a perpetual license.

You can install MS office 2019 in windows 10 only, you can only install office 2019, if there are no other office version installed in your windows 10.

Any New Feature?

Well, there are no news for any big features yet, there might be some good features added, but here are couple that you should know.

  1. PowerPoint and Word – INK Feature
    1. People these days (specially management people) like to see the reports/Dashboards on phone, surface or iPad, so this ink feature will allow them to draw things  by using stylus.
  2. Power Point – Zoom and Morph Animation – You will be able to create more dynamic power point presentations using this featrue.
  3. MS Excel
    1. They have added some new charts in Office 2016 – Like Funnel Chart, 2D Map Chart, Water Fall chart, those will be continued here.
    2. There were some new formulas like MAXIF, MINIF, IFS, TEXTJOIN which are continued in this version. Nohting actually new.

There are actually No groundbreaking changes coming with the new office except the license change. i will keep updating this post with “How-To” as soon as i start using it 🙂

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