Excel Formula Challenge #4

This one is quite easy in comparison to the other formula challenges here. By using excel native function you need to get the price of any selected brand. Be the part of my Excel VBA WhatsApp group to see the solution and challenges like this

Excel Formula Challenge

What is your formula solution? share it with people in the commentbox. You can download the test file from here

FormulaChallenge4-1.xlsx (164 downloads)

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  1. Robert H. Gascon
    Robert H. Gascon says:

    The array formula can be avoided by wrapping the lookup array argument of the second MATCH function with the INDEX function, as follows:
    INDEX(VLOOKUP(E14,$B$5:$Q$12, {2,5,8,11,14},0),1,0),
    Row 4 was excluded from the range.

  2. priti
    priti says:


    With CSE


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