How to build a curve chart in Excel

Excel XY Scatter chart is not just for regression analysis, it is JUST  for anything you want to visualise, I really enjoy manipulating data and see how it plots on XY and sometime it amaze me. I got an email couple days back it was showing how china’s investers are investing in companies. it looks like this

This chart is something that i wanted to try building in excel since a long time, but this email just kicked me to get started. I started playing with it, did some formula research on curve fitting and finally was able to develop it. This is how it looks.

Curve Chart

How to prepare data?

This chart can be used to visualize relation in between any of two parameteres, Here is a table i created to enter data.

You can change the headers in rows and columns, you can add more rows and columns if you need to. Just enter 1 in the data field wherever you want to create a relationship.

How it works?

it works simply, in the excel file, you just need to enter data in a table and hit Refresh Chart button, it will visulaize new parameters.

See more charts here

Download Working File from here

Curve Chart (82 downloads)
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