Excel Formula Challenge #5

In this formula challenge, we need to find out the pattern starting row and column by using only Excel Native formulas and without any helper columns. lets get the fun started.


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  1. Vikash jha
    Vikash jha says:

    This is a great approach to the learner.
    I want to say only one thing if it is possible then create some challenges of Excel which not so hard but it should be joyful.
    Like assignments of Excel that will help to enhance their knowledge.
    I always wish about this type of platform where some Excel related question will come and we will solve them.
    I know about the WhatsApp group but there are lots of genius who are able to solve any question that group is best to my queries.
    It’s only a suggestion.

  2. Naresh
    Naresh says:

    To find row nubmer
    To find column number

  3. Robert H. Gascon
    Robert H. Gascon says:

    For the row number, my formula is:
    For the column number, my formula is:


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