is VBA Dying?

Answer to the this Question is a BIG NO.

Here is why i think it is a NO

It has been 10+ years since I am developing projects on MS office suites and don’t be surprised if I say I have alone developed 2000+ projects in my carrier and yet I am pretty sure I am not the one who did so many projects in VBA.

Prior VBA, there used to be an automation language in Excel, which is called XLM (XL Macro). You could record your macros in this language and even write the custom one. it has been like 25 years since VBA introduced, But you can still write your macros in XLM. isn’t that interesting.

Now, think about the number of developers 25 years back and then now, you will have good idea of how many program have been developed in XLM and how many have been developed in VBA. count would be in Millions.

Excel is a program which is being used by 1 out of 7 or probably more on the planet. So, pretty sure if VBA is discontinued in next version of Office, that will be a fail.
On the top of that, Excel itself is a Power full and non-replaceable tool. though have its limitation. If anybody want to start carrier and need to grow easily, Excel VBA is a must have skill.

Here are some things you need to know –

1. VBA is a very easy language to learn.
2. A Tons of help is available over the internet.
3. Anybody from non-IT background quickly adopt the language if having experience on Excel.
4. Still in demand in market.

Bonus information

News are that Excel is going to have JavaScript implement in future versions. that means it will become unbeatable as JS is supported language on Android or iOS. meaning, you can run macros on mobiles. I am pretty sure if anybody having knowledge of VBA, can adopt new model quite easily
So, if haven’t yet started learning VBA, this is the right time, do it.

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  1. Vittal Salunke
    Vittal Salunke says:

    I agree with the comments. Yes no tool can replace such a user friendly, flexible, without any extra cost with reporting & Analytics features application MS EXCEL.
    This also comes with VBA feature which helps in Automation.


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