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Excel formulas are amazing, But are they hard to learn? There is a rule applied to everything in the world. “Hard is what we dont understand”, Same goes with formulas.

When you understand the very basic of “How Excel Works?”,  You will automatically understand the concept of formulas. Most importantly, the more you practice, the more you get.

I learned vlookup() 10 years back and there was almost no things i was doing without using vlookup(). But, Vlookup() was just the starting to get dive into deep in excel formula. Most exciting part was to learn string manipulation, lookup formulas and  array formulas, they really fascinate me.

I love to share these technique with you by using the Excel Formulas showing here. have a look a contact me, Believe Me, it is not that hard as it looks.

Bottom Line –

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Formula Basic

  1. Relative and Absolute Reference
  2. R1C1 and A1 Notation
  3. How to Refer other sheets in formulas.
  4. Range Address / Name Range.
  5. Define Name / Apply Range.
  6. Create name ranges in just one click.

String Manipulation

Left, Right, Mid, Substitute, Replace
Find, Search, Exact, Code, Char, Text
Concatenate, Mid, Lower, Upper, Replace
Clean, Rept.

Date and Time

How dates and times works?
Date, Year, Month, Day, Date
Hours, Minute, Second, Time
Edate, EOMOnth, NetWorkday
Workday,Timevalue, DateValue

Logical Function

Comparison Operator
IF Statement

Lookup and Reference

Vlookup, Hlookup, Indirect, Index, Match
Row, Column, Offset, choose, address, Lookup

Other formulas

Sumproduct, Sumif, Sumifs, Countif, Countifs
Averageif, Averageifs, Count, Counta, Round,
Mround, RoundUp, RoundDown, MMULT, Mod, Small
Large, Max, Min

Array Formulas

10 complex examples of array formulas
Creating Mega formulas
Using N and — in formulas
Using Wild Card in formulas

Formulas Auditing

How to calculation all formulas at once.
how to troubleshoot formula and fix it.
What is Circular reference and how to fix it.

you will be able to solve these formula challenges after this training

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