What is VBA and why you should learn it?

VBA stands for Visual Basic for Application, is a scripting language which can manipulate MS office application. By using VBA you can automate your reports/dashboards and tools. VBA is associated with MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word and MS Outlook. so when you need to build a complete office solution you can use VBA to integrate them all together. Though, Excel and Access VBA have good scope in terms of getting job easily. It take only a few weeks to get used to VBA and start automation. See below the list of things i will cover in this training.

Get Started

  • What is computer programming?
  • What is VBA?
  • How VBA Works?
  • What are objects, How they works?


  • What are macros?
  • How to Records Macro?
  • How to clean Macro?
  • Why do we need VB scripting?

Program Structure

  • Variables, Data Types
  • Scope – Public, Dim
  • Sub Procedure, Function Procedure
  • Event Procedures

VBA Components

  • VBProject
  • Workbook
  • Sheets
  • Userfrom
  • Class Module

Input and output in VBA

  • InputBox, Msgbox
  • Range, Userform, Text File

Data Processing

  • Loops
  • If Statement
  • Select Case
  • String Manipulation
  • Numeric Calculation
  • VBA array, Dictionary

Excel Object Model – How to refer

  • Workbook, Worksheets, and Range in VBA
  • Understanding Active Model

Workbook operations

  • Open a new file
  • Open a existing file
  • Save a file
  • Close a file

Worksheet Operations

  • Adding a worksheet
  • Removing a worksheet
  • Renaming a worksheet
  • Copying and Moving a worksheet

Range Operation

  • Name Range
  • Current Region, UsedRange
  • Last row and Last column
  • Offset, Resize, Intersect, Union

Excel Operations – VBA

  • How to sort data?
  • How to Filter Data ( Autofilter, Advance Filter)
  • How to remove duplicates
  • How to group and ungroup rows and columns
  • How to do subtotal

Automate charts and Graphs

  • Insert Chartsheet and ChartObject
  • Add Data into chart
  • Modify series
  • Modify series points
  • Create dynamically updating charts.
  • How to create pivot table?
  • How to add fields and pivot table?
  • how to filter fields in pivot table?

Working with VBA userforms

  • Create simple data entry form
  • Create dynamic data entry form
  • Listbox, checkbox, Combobox
  • Option buttons, Groups

File/Folder Operation

  • How to get path
  • how to validate a path.
  • Read, Write Text file
  • Delete files and folders
  • Create Folder
  • Copy and Move file and Folders
  • Working with FSO ( FileSystemObject)

VBA Array

  • Option Base
  • Static and Dynamic Array
  • Assing Range to Array
  • Assign Array to Range
  • Redim, Redim Preserve
  • Split, Join, Transpose
  • Filtering Array, Extracting Array.

Connecting Excel with Other Application

  • Understand object Binding
  • Late and Early binding
  • Connect Excel with access
  • Connect Excel with Word
  • Connection Excel with Powerpoint
  • Connect Excel with internet explorer


Extensive use of VBA Dictionary and Array.

Duration : 20-25 Classes 40-60 Min/Class

Method : TeamViewer Screen/Audio Share

Training Fee : Rs. 5000/-

Batches Start from 1st June 2019

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Live Screen sharing

We do live screen sharing for our session for 40-60 minutes, that enable you to ask questions at the same time.

Session Video

We records entire session and send you for your practice reference.

On Job Support

We help you on your projects after completion of training.

This training gave me vast knowledge on VBA. I can now automate my manual work.

Abdul Raheem
Abdul RaheemSr. Accound Executive - TAGROS CHEMICALS INDIA PVT LTD

I wanted to learn VBA in very minimal time and IT chat was perfect place to get it done. Any excel guy should do this training.

MeghaData Analyst - Confidential

I had some prior experience in VBA. but I wanted to learn VBA for best practices. now I can write my code without error and more structured.

ChandraSr. Account Executive - TAGROS CHEMICALS INDIA PVT LTD

As a MIS Executive, I must say this is definitely a “Must-Have” training to improve skills.

PremMIS Executive - B4S Solution Pvt Ltd.

You are doing great job in educating people. I will have my team members to join this course.

Brajesh Porwal
Brajesh PorwalTeam Leader - Confidential

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